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Search. Friday, May 25, AnimeBlog · OtakuRage · OtakuKart One Piece Creator Just Revealed A Huge Detail About Fire Fist February 7, Biggest One Piece Spoiler – Something Terrible Is About To Happen. February 6, I've become a huge fan of the One Piece Anime/Manga and that lead to me making this blog.. so yeah this is a One Piece fan blog i will post all kinds of content. 0 Yonko War Part 1 July 3, by DarkSkullPirates Well, I think I am going to attempt a "___ War" series. We'll just see how this goes. Im not really sure what.

19 Jul The One Piece anime adaptation began in October and has never . David Brothers, branding manager at Image Comics and blogger. 2 Mar That is why when Reddit user Atheistsomalipirate posted a manga page that seemingly depicts Luffy as an adult, it shook the One Piece Reddit. For those of you who didn't see my tweet about it, I'm now a features writer on Crunchyroll (yes, Skyler Allen is my real name, but you Continue reading Blog .

30 Sep I'm normally not one to watch the “popular shows“, but recently I've found myself watching One Piece. While I was never able to bring myself to. 9 Jun Today we'll be talking about one of the most popular anime of all time! - here's a One Piece Review for you guys! - UNOTAKU. One Piece is not done in a traditional anime style. It's very unique and it's bound to rub some people the wrong way. Otherwise, if you like your anime rife with.


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